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Exploring Apple Spatial Video on Quest2 with AJX VR Lab

Introduction: Welcome to the latest innovation at Ajinomatrix VR and AR Labs - the AJX VR Lab. We're excited to delve into the realm of spatial video, particularly how you can enjoy the cutting-edge 3D 'Spatial Videos' from the iPhone 15 Pro on your existing VR headsets, like the Quest2.

Apple recently introduced a groundbreaking feature in its 17.2 beta 2 update – 'Spatial Video'.

This technology captures dual 1080p 30 FPS views using the iPhone's wide and ultrawide cameras, offering an immersive 3D experience. The good news? You don't need to invest in a $3500 headset to enjoy this feature.

How to Watch Spatial Videos on Quest2?

A developer has ingeniously crafted an iPhone application, Spatialify, that converts Spatial Videos into a side-by-side format, making them compatible with a variety of headsets, including Quest2. Although Spatialify isn't yet available on the App Store, it's currently being tested on TestFlight, Apple's pre-release platform. Join the TestFlight here.

After installing Spatialify, select your Spatial Video and tap 'convert to Full Side-By-Side'. The next step involves transferring the file to your PC. Options include AirDrop for Mac users, third-party iPhone file transfer methods for Windows, or iCloud, which is accessible via the web.

The Viewing Process

Once you've transferred the video to your PC or Mac, use SideQuest for file transfer to the Quest2 headset. Note that these are .mov files, which require a compatible player on the Quest2. We recommend DeoVR for its ease of use and quick learning curve. In DeoVR, set the video mode to re-spatialize the video for a stereoscopic 4:3 playback, replicating the original file's quality.


In summary, the key players in this technological breakthrough are the TestFlight dev app tester, Spatialify on iOS 17.2 beta2, the DeoVR player (free), SideQuest for file transfers, and iCloud web for seamless iPhone-PC integration. We extend our gratitude to all content contributors, including Phil Van Nedervelde, for making this success possible.

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